To see people transformed by the gospel, 

formed into the image of Christ

and empowered for missional living. 

All Angels’ Church has expressed this vision throughout its history in two primary ways: worship and witness.  

Our ministry began in the mid-1800s as a Sunday School to the freed slave and immigrant community of Seneca Village (now Central Park). It was described as a place where "black and white and every intermediate shade in between worshiped harmoniously together." From the beginning we have been a parish passionate about passing on the faith found in the gospel of Jesus Christ.  All Angels’ has formed women, men and children in the image of Christ by gathering economically, socially, and politically diverse people into a worshipping and witnessing community. 

We are a community living out our unique mission under God, engaged in welcoming across social barriers, witnessing to the Good News of Jesus Christ, and worshipping the one triune God in spirit and truth.